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Publications référencées sur HAL

Revues internationales avec comité de lecture (ART_INT)

    • [1] S. Garnier, K. Subrin. A metrological device for robot identification. In Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing ; éd. Elsevier, 2022, vol. 73.
    • [2] A. Le Reun, K. Subrin, A. Dubois, S. Garnier. Thermal drift and backlash issues for industrial robots positioning performance. In Robotica ; éd. Cambridge University Press, 2022, vol. 40, num. 9.
    • [3] T. Muller, K. Subrin, D. Joncheray, A. Billon, S. Garnier. Transparency Analysis of a Passive Heavy Load Comanipulation Arm. In IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems ; éd. IEEE, 2022, vol. 52, num. 5.
    • [4] S. Baklouti, G. Gallot, J. Viaud, K. Subrin. On the Improvement of ROS-Based Control for Teleoperated Yaskawa Robots. In Applied Sciences ; éd. MDPI, 2021, vol. 11, num. 16.
    • [5] L. Sabourin, K. Subrin, R. Cousturier, G. Gogu, Y. Mezouar. Redundancy-based optimization approach to optimize robotic cell behaviour: application to robotic machining. In Industrial Robot: An International Journal ; éd. Emerald, 2015, vol. 42, num. 2.
    • [6] K. Subrin, L. Sabourin, F. Stephan, G. Gogu, M. Alric, Y. Mezouar. Analysis of the human arm gesture for optimizing cutting process in ham deboning with a redundant robotic cell. In Industrial Robot: An International Journal ; éd. Emerald, 2014, vol. 41, num. 2.

Conférences internationales avec comité de lecture et actes (COMM_INT)

    • [7] M. Métillon, S. Lessanibahri, P. Cardou, K. Subrin, S. Caro. A Cable-Driven Parallel Robot with Full-Circle End-Effector Rotations. In The ASME 2020 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences & Computers and Information in Engineering Conference IDETC/CIE 2020, août 2020, Saint-Louis, Missouri, états-Unis.
    • [8] T. Muller, S. Garnier, T. Bressac, K. Subrin, B. Furet. Towards the Accuracy Improvement of a Mobile Robot for Large Parts Sanding. In 2019 IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics (ICM), mars 2019, Ilmenau, France.
    • [9] K. Subrin, S. Garnier, T. Bressac, B. Furet. Digital chain development for sanding application with a kinematically redundant robotic system. In CIRP Conference on Modelling of Machining Operations, juin 2019, Sheffield, Royaume-Uni.
    • [10] T. Muller, K. Subrin, S. Garnier, D. Joncheray, A. Billon. A study on transparency of a passive manipulation mechanism : application to Neoditech Scara Parts. In Congrès Français de Mécanique, août 2019, Brest, France.
    • [11] S. Garnier, K. Subrin, P. Arevalo-Siles, G. Caverot, B. Furet. Mobile robot stability for complex tasks in naval industries. In 51st CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems, mai 2018, stockolm, Suède.
    • [12] A. Ambiehl, S. Garnier, K. Subrin, B. Furet. Méthodes de recalage de trajectoire par correction miroir pour l'usinage robotisé. In Conférence MUGV 2018 et Manufacturing 21, juin 2018, Bordeaux, France.
    • [13] K. Subrin, T. Bressac, S. Garnier, A. Ambiehl, E. Paquet, B. Furet. Improvement of the mobile robot location dedicated for habitable house construction by 3D printing. In 16th IFAC Symposium on Information Control Problems in Manufacturing INCOM 2018, juin 2018, Bergame, Italie.
    • [14] A. Moyon, K. Subrin, B. Furet. Acceptation criteria of a movable cobot for polishing activities in naval industries. In IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, octobre 2018, Madrid, Espagne.
    • [15] S. Garnier, K. Subrin, K. Waiyagan. Modelling of Robotic Drilling. In 16th CIRP Conference on Modeling of Machining Operations, juin 2017, Cluny, France.
    • [16] A. Ambiehl, S. Garnier, K. Subrin, B. Furet. New method for decoupling the articular stiffness identification: Application to an industrial robot with double encoding system on its 3 first axis. In IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, septembre 2017, Vancouver, Canada.
    • [17] P. Elodie, B. Furet, S. Garnier, K. Subrin, A. Bernard. Additive manufacturing of foam for molds and large components in naval sector. In FAST 2017 - 14th Conference on fast sea transportation & innovative materials for maritime, septembre 2017, Nantes, France.

Theses et HDR (THESE)

    • [18] K. Subrin. Optimisation du comportement de cellules robotiques par gestion des redondances : application à la découpe de viande et à l’Usinage Grande Vitesse. Thèses : Université Blaise Pascal - Clermont-Ferrand II.
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