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RoMas - Robots and Machines for Manufacturing, Society and Services

Apply cybernetics concepts to robotic or machine systems associated with certain areas of civil or industrial activity.

Team leader : Stéphane CARO   :
Area(s) of expertise :

The team's various activities aim to develop and use the scientific tools necessary for the design, development and operation of robots, machines, systems and means for industrial and everyday applications.
The originality of the work concerns a thorough mastery of the task entrusted, a complete knowledge of the means and the consideration of the interaction between the two.
Numerical modelling and simulation will be coupled with experimental practices, carried out on the different platforms of the laboratory, but also under industrial conditions on the equipment of our project partners.

The team's specificity is based on the fact that the design and operation of robotic systems are oriented towards missions and uses. It is the needs that guide developments and the coupling between needs and means that lead to optimal solutions.
Our work is therefore dedicated, on the one hand, to the identification and modelling of the functions or missions that the studied system(s) will have to perform, and on the other hand, in the same way, to the identification and modelling of the systems themselves, in order to optimise their design, operation or management.
This methodological practice therefore requires complementary scientific skills and know-how, which explains why the team is composed of specialists from the CNU 60 and CNU 61 sections.

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