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PSI - Industrial Systems Management

Equipe dissoute le 31-12-2021

Industries of the future, Industry 4.0, Cyberphysical Production Systems: Steering the production of the future

Team leader : Olivier CARDIN   :
Area(s) of expertise :

The team's general orientation is focused on production management. Industrial systems are today highly connected systems that must quickly adapt to changes in regulatory, societal and technical constraints. The team's objective is to propose new tools that replace or complement traditional organizational tools and make it possible to guarantee a management adapted to the constraints of the system and the objectives to be achieved. The team's expertise is based on the original use of flow simulation, formal supervision and control methods or cyber-physical systems to solve industrial system management problems.

The application of these tools on scales from the workstation to the supply chain enables both technologically innovative results and theoretical tools to be advanced.

As a result, industrial transfert is very present in the team (studies, CIFRE contracts, collaborative research projects, etc.).

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