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Séminaire équipe IPI – Claudio Coutinho : « A Saccadic Model for Visual Strategy of Retinography Analysis »

17 avril 2020 @ 14 h 00 min - 15 h 00 min

Le prochain séminaire IPI aura lieu vendredi 17 avril 2020 de 14h à 15h à Polytech (salle D118).
L’orateur est Claudio Coutinho, doctorant de l’équipe.

The next IPI seminar will held on Friday, the 17th of April 2020 (2pm-3pm), in the room D118 at Polytech.
The speaker will be Claudio Coutinho who is PhD student in the team.

Title: A Saccadic Model for Visual Strategy of Retinography Analysis

The goal of teaching computers how to look at visual stimulus, such as images and videos, can be of great benefit for predicting how humans would look at the same content. The so-called saccadic models may be able of outputting a set of ordinated fixation points on a stimulus. The main goal behind this technique is to automatize processes that would otherwise require real observers for assessing semantic relevance within the stimulus and possibly extracting sensitive information from it. With that in mind, we seek to propose a computational model able to replicate the visual strategy of experts in the ophthalmological field while doing diagnosis of certain eye diseases out of retinographies and extend its behaviour to students and technicians as a means of comparative teaching. For so, eye gaze data should be collected from people of different levels of expertise, since not only the actual fixation point should be considered, but other aspects intrinsic to the biological human visual system, such as the oculomotor biases, previous knowledge, i.e., small tendencies of eye movements present in real observers. We plan to deliver an efficient computational model that would predict expert diagnosis of eye diseases out of retinography analysis.

Note that all the IPI seminar’s presentations are disponible by following this link:https://uncloud.univ-nantes.fr/index.php/s/xcLeXnAEs6JgC5p


Date :
17 avril 2020
Heure :
14 h 00 min - 15 h 00 min

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