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MéForBio - Formal Methods for Bioinformatics

Team leader : Morgan MAGNIN   :
Deputy Head : Olivier ROUX   :
Area(s) of expertise :

MeForBio (Formal Methods for Bioinformatics) is a bioinformatics research team in the field of formalization and automatic reasoning of data processing and systems with time characteristics. MeForBio is particularly oriented towards the development of frameworks and methods that model and analyze biological systems. The team focuses mainly on :

  • The complexity of the dynamics of living systems
  • Simulation (non-deterministic) and reasoning (complete and exhaustive) on a model describing a biological system
  • Modelling the steady-state response of a disturbance on a large biological system
  • Integration of high-speed experimental data into large-scale regulatory networks
  • Automatic formalization of knowledge in biochemical reaction databases
Methodological keywords :

formal methods, model-checking, stochastic simulators, constraint resolution, logical programming

Keywords in Systems Biology :

genetic regulatory networks, signaling networks, DNA chip data, phospho-proteomic data, experimental design, signalling pathway databases

Research topics

MeForBio's main research areas include methods for proposing analyses on dynamic and static models of biological systems based on discrete models, as well as methods for automatically obtaining discrete models from knowledge stored in databases on molecular regulation.

Team topics

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