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Equipe / Team : ASCOLA
Participants : Thomas Ledoux (correspondant),
Licence : GNU LGPL
Mots clés : Dynamic reliable reconfiguration, self-adaptive components, Fractal, autonomic computing
Résumé : FPath and FScript are two domain-specific languages (DSLs) dealing respectively with the navigation and the dynamic reconfiguration of Fractal architectures. FPath is a DSL for querying Fractal architectures. It is restricted to the introspection of architectures by browsing elements identified by their properties or location in the architecture. This focused domain allows FPath to offer a very concise and readable syntax and ensures correctness properties by construction (e.g. any query terminates in a finite time). FScript is a DSL dedicated to the reconfiguration of Fractal component architectures. It enables reconfiguration scripts to modify a Fractal architecture. Like FPath, FScript guarantees several properties by construction, e.g. termination of scripts by excluding the possibility of infinite loops. Moreover the FScript interpreter supports a transactional model of reconfigurations and the preservation of the ACID properties. FScript and its extensions constitute an official project of the OW2.

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