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Equipe / Team : AtlanMod
Participants : Massimo Tisi (correspondant), Gerson Sunyé, Hugo Brunelière
Licence : EPL
Mots clés : Modeling, MDE, Transformation, Model, QVT, EMF
Résumé : With an eye on the normative work of the OMG (MOF, OCL, QVT, etc.), a new conceptual framework has been developed based on a second generation model transformation language called ATL. Although ATL influenced the OMG standard, the approach is more general as discussed in SCP07c. In 2004 IBM gave an Eclipse innovation award to the ATL project. In 2007 Eclipse recognized ATL as one central solution for model transformation and promoted it to the M2M project (see Eclipse.org/m2m). There are more than 200 industrial and academic sites using ATL today, and several Ph.D. thesis in the world are based on this work.

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