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Equipe / Team : AtlanMod
Participants : Hugo Brunelière (correspondant), Gerson Sunyé, Massimo Tisi
Licence : EPL
Mots clés : Modeling, MDE, Reverse Engineering, Modernization, Migration, EMF
Résumé : MoDisco is an open source Eclipse project that provides a generic and extensible framework dedicated to the elaboration of Model Driven Reverse Engineering (MDRE) solutions. Gathering contributions from both academics and industrials, the goal of the project is to federate common efforts in the model-based transformation of legacy software systems implemented using different technologies (e.g. Java, COBOL, C). The first principle is to discover models out of legacy artifacts, representing appropriately all the relevant information, to be then used as part of reverse engineering processes for software understanding, evolution or modernization. Targeted scenarios include software (technical or architectural) migration of large legacy systems, but also retro-documentation, refactoring, quality assurance, etc. Within this context, MoDisco has collaborations with the OMG Architecture Driven Modernization (ADM) Task Force, for which the project provides several reference implementations of its standards: Knowledge Discovery Metamodel (KDM), Software Measurement Metamodel (SMM) and Abstract Syntax Tree Metamodel (ASTM).

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