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Equipe / Team : AtlanMod
Participants : Hugo Brunelière (correspondant), Gerson Sunyé
Licence : EPL
Mots clés : Modeling, MDE, DSL, Collaboration, Development, EMF
Résumé : Software development processes are collaborative in nature. Neglecting the key role of end-users leads to software that does not satisfy their needs. This collaboration becomes specially important when creating Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs), which are (modeling) languages specifically designed to carry out the tasks of a particular domain. While end-users are actually the experts of the domain for which a DSL is developed, their participation in the DSL specification process is still rather limited nowadays. Thus, Collaboro is an approach to make language development processes more participative, meaning that both developers and users of the language can collaborate together to design it and make it evolve. Since the very first implementation of the Collaboro toolset was released, it has evolved to provide support to both Eclipse-based and web-based clients. The Eclipse-based client has been developed as a plugin in the platform while the web-based client includes two components: (1) the server-side part, which offers a set of services to access to the main functionalities of Collaboro ; and the client-side part, which allows both end-users and developers to take part of the DSML development process from their browsers. The server-side component has been developed as a Java web application which uses a set of Servlets providing the required services. On the other hand, the client-side component has been developed as an AngularJS-enabled website.

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