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Equipe / Team : AtlanMod
Participants : Hugo Brunelière (correspondant), Gerson Sunyé, Massimo Tisi
Licence : EPL
Mots clés : Modeling, Visualization, Analysis, GitHub, Project, Label
Résumé : Reporting bugs, asking for new features and in general giving any kind of feedback is the easiest way to contribute to an Open-Source Software (OSS) project. This feedback is typically expressed as new issues for the project managed by an issue-tracking system available in each new project repository. Nevertheless, as the project grows a manual browsing of the project issues is no longer feasible. We believe that visualization techniques could be applied here to overcome this challenge. In particular, we have created GiLA, a tool to better understand how labels are being used in GitHub projects, with the aim of providing more insights into how such projects are being managed.

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