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Equipe / Team : OGRE
Participants : Anastasia Volkova (correspondant), Martin Kumm,Rémi Garcia,Silviu Filip
Licence : GNU GPL v3
Mots clés : outil de génération de filtres FIR optimaux pour le matériel
Résumé : This tool designs linear discrete digital filters with Finite Impulse Response (FIR). This project aims at fusion of the filter design with the design of dedicated hardware architecture. Context: multiplierless implementations of products by constants using shift-and-add architectures. Problem: determine the coefficients of an FIR filter in fixed-point arithmetic such that the total cost of the shift-and-add archutecture is minimal in terms of number of adders. Techniques: our approach is based on a formalisation of the problem as an instance of a Mixed Integer Linear Programming problem, which is asubsequently solved using a third-party solver (see Built With section).

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