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Collection and exploitation of eye-tracking data and region of interest in drone videos

Etablissement : Nantes
Description du poste :
  • Position type : Post-Doc
  • Duration : 12 months
  • Start date : from the 1st of January 2018
  • Net salary : 2100 euros per month
  • Nationality : the candidate must be European (UE or Swiss)

    Post-Doc subject

    The objective of the postdoc is to contribute mainly to T1 task of the project, so it aims at constructing the ground truth consisting of eye-tracking data and of regions of interest collected from the interpreter-expert observers during the viewing of drone videos. The goal is also to jointly analyze these oculometric data and regions of interest, and to propose a first observer model (so in link with T3 task). Note that this work is central in the project, because this ground truth is necessary to conceive the computational models of visual attention corresponding to the point of view of the military operators on the videos of drones. It is also a basis for T4 task of intelligent compression of drone videos. Precisely, the postdoc will participate to the definition of the collection methods (eye-tracking data and regions of interest) and to the collection of the data itself, to the design and deployment of tools to track the objects within the drone videos, and to the joint analysis and exploitation of the data (oculometric data and regions of interest). He will also directly participate to the project life (production of the corresponding deliverables, meetings), and to the dissemination of the scientific results.

    Skills and profile

    PhD in computer science, data science, signal/image processing, computer vision or applied maths.
    Background in visual attention modeling, eye-tracking, computational modeling, image/video coding, image/video processing and computer vision.
    Excellent programming skills.
    Fluency in English.

Fiche de poste :
Les candidats intéressés par ce poste peuvent prendre contact avec :
  • Vincent Ricordel :
  • Matthieu Perreira Da Silva :
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