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Formalizing sustainability knowledge inside manufacturing system in the context of Industry 4.0

Niveau : Master

Période : 2e semestre2023-34

Today’s manufacturing is going through changes due to digitalization and the Industry 4.0 paradigm. In that sense, manufacturing systems are facing a transition from traditional systems to the ones more compatible with Industry 4.0. Digitization is expanding itself all over the world and is consequently followed by a huge amount and variety of generated data that need to be formalized. Therefore, manufacturing systems need tools and approaches that enable them to extract and form knowledge efficiently from the vast amount of data collected throughout the system. Consequently, digitalization and smart manufacturing strive for sustainable development and a more sustainable-oriented performance at the industry level.  However, the most effective way to bring sustainability knowledge into manufacturing systems is by supporting decision-makers in their daily tasks and providing them with tools to assess, share and reuse knowledge. Therefore, making sustainability-oriented decisions and formalizing sustainability-related knowledge have become necessary for manufacturing organizations. The general objective of this internship is a literature review on the impacts and the criteria of knowledge formalization methods like ontologies in sustainable-oriented decision making inside a manufacturing system in the context of sustainable manufacturing 4.0.


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