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Proposition de stage - 2024

Object Pose Estimation : robotic application and few shot learning

Niveau : Master

LS2N / IPI – ROMAS research teams

This is a joint internship between the teams IPI (Image Perception Interaction) and ROMAS (Robots and Machines for Manufacturing, Society and Services), in the context of a larger project in collaboration with CPS3 (Conception, Pilotage, Surveillance et Supervision des systèmes).


This internship opportunity aligns with the ongoing PhD research titled « Cooperation of Multi-Robots in Shared Spaces through Vision and Digital Twins. » In brief, the tasks involve defining actions based on scene observation, estimating possible grasping positions, planning trajectories, and developing a collision avoidance strategy. The system needs to accurately estimate the 6D pose of various objects present in the environment. This internship focuses on achieving this objective.

Harold Mouchère

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