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MODELIS - Modélisation Optimisation et DEcision pour la Logistique, l'Industrie et les Services

Operational research and risk management for the design and optimization of production systems, logistics and transport.

Team leader : Olivier PETON   :
Deputy Head : Evgeny GUREVSKY   :
Area(s) of expertise :

The modelis team develops analytical methods for optimization and decision support in production, logistics and transport. The technological bottlenecks we are trying to remove are related to the effective resolution of literature problems that are still poorly resolved today. This is achieved through the development of appropriate optimization methods as well as the modelling and resolution of new problems encountered in the industry for which there is not yet a solution method. The team's contribution therefore includes the development of new approaches (heuristics, meta-heuristics or exact methods), as well as the modelling and resolution of new and complex problems. The main challenges are to model and solve large scale problems by integrating the real complex constraints of companies.

Team topics

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