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SIFWICT 2019 – 5th Sino-French Workshop on Information and Communication Technologies

21 juin 2019 @ 8 h 00 min - 17 h 00 min

As part of 8th Sino-French Seminar for Engineering Education and Research, the 5th Sino-French Workshop on Information and Communication Technologies will be held in Nantes, FRANCE, at `La Cité Nantes Events Center’ on June 21st, 2019

This workshop, specially oriented on research collaborations, aims at bringing together researchers from Chinese universities and the graduate engineering school of University of Nantes and Polytech group, to discuss on the latest scientific and theoretical advances on information,
communication, electronic and electrical systems.

The program will include keynote speakers, senior and junior presentations, and a general opening ceremony. In order to encourage fruitful discussions and future collaboration plans, part of the program will be largely dedicated to interactive sessions. The topics include information, communication, electronic and electrical technologies. We hope you can contribute to this conference by submitting a paper (4-6 pages) in English reflecting your current research.

Main topics:

Multimedia Systems and Video-Communication
– Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
– Computer Graph, Knowledge Management, Data Mining
– Multimedia Applications, Image and Video Processing,Discrete Geometry
– Affective Computing, Multimedia Quality Assessment and QoE
– Cloud Applications, Databases, Information Systems and Security, Multimedia Communication, Social Networks, Network Design, Analysis and Management
– Human-Computer Interaction and Immersive Technologies (3D, HDR, UHD, Haptics…)

Signal Processing and Wireless Communications
– Signal Processing for Communications and Radar
– MIMO and Multi-Antenna Communications
– Embedded Systems
– Wireless Sensor Network Systems
– Cognitive Radio
– Green Communications and Energy Efficiency in Communication
– Electrical Systems
– RF System Design

Conference Organization
– Steering Committee : Yide Wang, Patrick Le Callet, Quan Xu et YongXu
– General Chairs : Jean-François Diouris et Yong Xu
– Technical Program Chairs
Telecom: Pascal Chargé et Yuehua Ding
Computer Science: Matthieu Perreira Da Silva et Weineng Chen
– Sessions Chairs
Oral: Guillaume Andrieux (Telecom) et Ying Gao(Computer)
Poster: Vincent Ricordel

Technical Program Committee:
Anne Chousseaud
Guillaume Raschia
Harold Mouchère
Marc Gelgon
Jean-François Diouris
Sébastien Pillement
Tchanguiz Razban
Vincent Ricordel
Yann Mahe
Benoît Parrein
Nicolas Normand
Christian Viard-Gaudin
Maria MéndezReal
Cédric LeBastard
Junyu Dong
Yuhu Quan
Si Wu
Fei Ji
Hua Yu
Biyun Ma
Fengjion Chen
Xue Gao
Tianhao Tang
Lihong Ma
Cui Yang
Xiuying Zhang
Yizhi Feng
Xinming Re


Date :
21 juin 2019
Heure :
8 h 00 min - 17 h 00 min

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Cité des Congrès
5 rue de Valmy
Nantes, France Métropolitaine
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