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Total of the publications found : 21

Overview of LS2N-COMBI publications by types

International journals with reviewing committee (ART_INT)

    • [1] A. Oliveira, G. Jean, G. Fertin, K. Brito, U. Dias, Z. Dias. Sorting Permutations by Intergenic Operations. In IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics ; éd. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2021.
    • [2] L. Bulteau, G. Fertin, G. Jean, C. Komusiewicz. Sorting by Multi-Cut Rearrangements. In Algorithms ; éd. MDPI, 2021, vol. 14, num. 6.
    • [3] M. Lefebvre, A. Gaignard, M. Folschette, J. Bourdon, C. Guziolowski. Large-scale regulatory and signaling network assembly through linked open data. In Database - The journal of Biological Databases and Curation ; éd. Oxford University Press, 2021, vol. 2021.
    • [4] S. Chaffron, E. Delage, M. Budinich, D. Vintache, N. Henry, C. Nef, M. Ardyna, A. Zayed, P. Junger, P. Galand, C. Lovejoy, A. Murray, H. Sarmento, S. Acinas, M. Babin, D. Iudicone, O. Jaillon, E. Karsenti, P. Wincker, L. Karp-Boss, M. Sullivan, C. Bowler, C. de Vargas, D. Eveillard. Environmental vulnerability of the global ocean epipelagic plankton community interactome. In Science Advances ; éd. American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 2021, vol. 7, num. 35.
    • [5] S. Dittami, E. Arboleda, J. Auguet, A. Bigalke, E. Briand, P. Cárdenas, U. Cardini, J. Decelle, A. Engelen, D. Eveillard, C. Gachon, S. Griffiths, T. Harder, E. Kayal, E. Kazamia, F. Lallier, M. Medina, E. Marzinelli, T. Morganti, L. Núñez Pons, S. Prado, J. Pintado, M. Saha, M. Selosse, D. Skillings, W. Stock, S. Sunagawa, E. Toulza, A. Vorobev, C. Leblanc, F. Not. A community perspective on the concept of marine holobionts: current status, challenges, and future directions. In PeerJ ; éd. PeerJ, 2021, vol. 9.
    • [6] Y. Lin, C. Moreno, A. Marchetti, H. Ducklow, O. Schofield, E. Delage, M. Meredith, Z. Li, D. Eveillard, S. Chaffron, N. Cassar. Decline in plankton diversity and carbon flux with reduced sea ice extent along the Western Antarctic Peninsula. In Nature Communications ; éd. Nature Publishing Group, 2021, vol. 12.
    • [7] G. Fertin, J. Fradin, G. Jean. The Maximum Colorful Arborescence problem: How (computationally) hard can it be?. In Theoretical Computer Science ; éd. Elsevier, 2021, vol. 852.
    • [8] H. Kaneko, R. Blanc-Mathieu, H. Endo, S. Chaffron, T. Delmont, M. Gaia, N. Henry, R. Hernández-Velázquez, C. Nguyen, H. Mamitsuka, P. Forterre, O. Jaillon, C. de Vargas, M. Sullivan, C. Suttle, L. Guidi, H. Ogata. Eukaryotic virus composition can predict the efficiency of carbon export in the global ocean. In iScience ; éd. Elsevier, 2021, vol. 24, num. 1.
    • [9] A. Lysiak, G. Fertin, G. Jean, D. Tessier. Evaluation of open search methods based on theoretical mass spectra comparison. In BMC Bioinformatics ; éd. BioMed Central, 2021, vol. 22, num. 2 (Special Issue).
    • [10] L. Meng, H. Endo, R. Blanc-Mathieu, S. Chaffron, R. Hernández-Velázquez, H. Kaneko, H. Ogata. Quantitative Assessment of Nucleocytoplasmic Large DNA Virus and Host Interactions Predicted by Co-occurrence Analyses. In MSphere ; éd. American Society for Microbiology., 2021, vol. 6, num. 2.
    • [11] M. Fouesnard, J. Zoppi, M. Pétéra, L. Le Gleau, C. Migné, F. Devime, S. Durand, A. Benani, S. Chaffron, V. Douard, G. Boudry. Dietary switch to Western diet induces hypothalamic adaptation associated with gut microbiota dysbiosis in rats. In International Journal of Obesity ; éd. Nature Publishing Group, 2021, vol. 45, num. 6.
    • [12] I. Rusu, B. Tenner. Admissible Pinnacle Orderings. In Graphs and Combinatorics ; éd. Springer Verlag, 2021, vol. 37, num. 4.
    • [13] J. Gonzales, J. Marchix, L. Aymeric, C. Le Berre-Scoul, J. Zoppi, P. Bordron, M. Burel, L. Davidovic, J. Richard, A. Gaman, F. Lejuste, J. Brouillet, F. Le Vacon, S. Chaffron, M. Leboyer, H. Boudin, M. Neunlist. Fecal Supernatant from Adult with Autism Spectrum Disorder Alters Digestive Functions, Intestinal Epithelial Barrier, and Enteric Nervous System. In Microorganisms ; éd. MDPI, 2021, vol. 9, num. 8.
    • [14] L. Bulteau, G. Fertin, A. Labarre, R. Rizzi, I. Rusu. Decomposing Subcubic Graphs into Claws, Paths or Triangles. In Journal of Graph Theory ; éd. Wiley, 2021, vol. 98, num. 4.
    • [15] J. Zoppi, J. Guillaume, M. Neunlist, S. Chaffron. MiBiOmics: an interactive web application for multi-omics data exploration and integration. In BMC Bioinformatics ; éd. BioMed Central, 2021, vol. 22, num. 1.
    • [16] M. Royo-Llonch, P. Sánchez, C. Ruiz-González, G. Salazar, C. Pedrós-Alió, M. Sebastián, K. Labadie, L. Paoli, F. M. Ibarbalz, L. Zinger, B. Churcheward, S. Chaffron, D. Eveillard, E. Karsenti, S. Sunagawa, P. Wincker, L. Karp-Boss, C. Bowler, S. Acinas. Compendium of 530 metagenome-assembled bacterial and archaeal genomes from the polar Arctic Ocean. In Nature Microbiology ; éd. Nature Publishing Group, 2021, vol. 6, num. 12.
    • [17] S. Wang, W. Tang, E. Delage, S. Gifford, H. Whitby, A. Gonzalez, D. Eveillard, H. Planquette, N. Cassar. Investigating the microbial ecology of coastal hotspots of marine nitrogen fixation in the western North Atlantic. In Scientific Reports ; éd. Nature Publishing Group, 2021, vol. 11, num. 1.

International conferences with reviewing committee (COMM_INT)

    • [18] L. Bulteau, G. Fertin, G. Jean, C. Komusiewicz. Sorting by Multi-cut Rearrangements. In SOFSEM 2021, janvier 2021, Bolzano-Bozen, Italie.

Books - books sections - directions of work or proceedings (OUV)

    • [19] H. Déprés, G. Fertin, E. Monfroy. Improved Lower Bounds for the Cyclic Bandwidth Problem. In International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS 2021). 09-06-2021
    • [20] N. Sanchez-Pi, L. Marti, J. Salomon, J. Sainte-Marie, O. Bernard, M. Sebag, M. Schoenauer, A. Maass, D. Eveillard, A. Abreu, C. de Vargas, P. Marquet. OcéanIA: AI, Data, and Models for Understanding the Ocean and Climate Change. 01-07-2021

Other publications (AUTRES)

    • [21] A. Lysiak, G. Fertin, G. Jean, D. Tessier. Detection of multiple modifications in mass spectra without any a priori. In 69th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics, octobre 2021, Philadelphia (PA), états-Unis.
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