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IS3P - Systems Engineering: Product, Process, Performance

Team topics

System performance

Keywords : sustainable aspects (inducer/indicator causalities), customer expectations (differentiation/standardization, perceived value and choice support)
Goals :

  • Model current behaviours
    • Identify performance drivers
    • Identify levers for improvement
    • Measuring performance
  • Managing performance
    • Determine behavioural alternatives
    • Choose the ones to be implemented
Scientific issues
  • Integrate customer satisfaction (diversity of product/service offer
  • Integrate sustainable aspects
  • Leading innovation
Disciplinary / thematic fields involved :
  • Management of production systems
  • Multi-criteria optimization in stochastic and uncertain environments

Information models and systems

Keywords : extension to the product-service concept, diversity and evolution management (dynamic aspects of co-evolution)
Goals :
  • Analyze the impact of new "offer: Product - Service" oriented business strategies on current organizational models.
  • Propose evolutions of process, product and service models to integrate effective life cycle management and diversity management of product-services systems (SPS).
  • Specify new functionalities and characteristics of information systems (PLM,...) dedicated to supporting new collaborative SPS development processes
Scientific issues

  • Formalize innovative concepts ensuring the flexibility and generality of models
  • Develop new modelling approaches focused on value creation processes and based on existing standards (such as system engineering),
  • Consider requirements and interactions with the client in the SPS life cycle
Disciplinary / thematic fields involved :
  • Strategies for frugal innovation of Product-Service systems
  • Organizational models and domain ontologies
  • Inter-company collaboration models
  • SPS Life Cycle Management (PLM) Approaches and Tools
  • Collaborative information systems,...


Knowledge engineering

Keywords : knowledge extraction and formalization (complex sets, heritage objects, technical expertise), interaction/use/decision making
Goals :

  • Knowledge extraction and formalization (complex sets, heritage objects, technical expertise), interaction/use/decision making
  • Define structured models and methods for a better integration of knowledge (representation/formalization/evolution) in companies
  • Implementation of digital industrial management in the extended enterprise
Scientific issues
  • How to formalize the real world? Which models to use ?
  • Transformation of models? Adequacy for metamodels ?
  • Trend extraction? Data mining ?
Disciplinary / thematic fields involved :

  • Formalization of business knowledge on the product life cycle
  • Proposal of models, methods and tools for decision support
  • Spatio-temporal and semantic modeling
  • Interoperability of models and solutions
  • Implementation of models in industrial tools managing human-machine relations

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