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ARMEN - Autonomous Robots and Control of Interactions with the Environment

Team topics

Our Scientific topics are :

Environments-based design

  • Design of aerial robots
  • Design of grippers
  • Design for physical human/robot interaction
  • Eco-sustainable design
  • Control-based design
  • Energy consumption reduction

Interactions with the environment

  • Multi-sensor-based control
  • Analysis of interaction models
  • Control fusion
  • Control of over- and under-actuated systems
  • Control of internal dynamics
  • Robot autonomy

Perception of the environment

  • Multi-sensor fusion
  • Localization
  • Collaborative perception
  • Efficient perception
  • Observers and identification






The interactions between these different themes make it possible to address different facets of the following application areas. Several unifying projects are the result :
  • Mastery of dynamic systems,
  • Evolution in large environments,
  • Eco-design of robots,
  • Mastery of deformable systems.


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