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OGRE - Global Optimization and Set-based Solving

Team topics

Validated Computing

Numerical computation on computers is fraught with accuracy and precision problems, something that is often considered to be a sole raison d'être of Numerical Analysis. In addition, some fields require completeness guarantees or certificates of existence for the solutions computed. The team develops efficient numerical methods to meet these needs.

Solving and Global Optimization

Nonlinear problem solving stands at the frontier of what can be efficiently handled with state-of-the-art techniques. Most current methods are not usually efficient enough for industrial applications. The team addresses this situation by working on specific models and by developing highly tuned methods for modern computer architectures.

Robotics, Control Theory and Automated Design

These domains are endless sources of difficult nonlinear problems. What is more, they have more and more needs for certifications of the solutions. The team works in collaboration with research groups from the associated communities to address these needs through its expertise in valided computing.

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