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Publication  de  la  collection  HAL LS2N-PACCE  pour  2023

Nombre de publications retournées : 28

Récapitulatif du nombre de publications de la collection par types

Revues internationales avec comité de lecture (ART_INT)

    • [1] M. Guy, J. Normand, C. Jeunet-Kelway, G. Moreau. The sense of embodiment in Virtual Reality and its assessment methods. In Frontiers in Virtual Reality ; éd. Frontiers, 2023, vol. 4.
    • [2] M. Maddah, J. Classe, I. Jaffre, K. Watson, K. Lin, D. Chablat, C. Dumas, C. Cao. A decision aid for the port placement problem in robot-assisted hysterectomy. In Laparoscopic, Endoscopic and Robotic Surgery ; éd. Elsevier, 2023.
    • [3] D. Deuff, G. Venture, I. Milleville-Pennel, O. Ioana. Yōkobo - an object of sensitive presence. In .able ; éd. Actar Publishers & École des Arts Décoratifs Paris, 2023.
    • [4] L. Louis, S. Moussaoui, A. van Langhenhove, S. Ravoux, T. Le Jan, V. Roualdes, I. Milleville-Pennel. Cognitive tasks and combined statistical methods to evaluate, model, and predict mental workload. In Frontiers in Psychology ; éd. Frontiers Media, 2023, vol. 14.
    • [5] S. Mecheri, F. Mars, R. Lobjois. Influence of continuous edge-line delineation on drivers’ lateral positioning in curves: a gaze-steering approach. In Ergonomics ; éd. Taylor & Francis, 2023.
    • [6] A. Cheymol, R. Fribourg, A. Lécuyer, J. Normand, F. Argelaguet. Beyond my Real Body: Characterization, Impacts, Applications and Perspectives of “Dissimilar” Avatars in Virtual Reality. In IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics ; éd. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2023.
    • [7] N. Fourrier, G. Moreau, M. Benaouicha, J. Normand. Handwriting for Efficient Text Entry in Industrial VR Applications: Influence of Board Orientation and Sensory Feedback on Performance. In IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics ; éd. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2023, vol. 29, num. 11.
    • [8] J. Petit, C. Charron, F. Mars. Subjective risk and associated electrodermal activity of a self-driving car passenger in an urban shared space. In PLoS ONE ; éd. Public Library of Science, 2023, vol. 18, num. 11.

Revues nationales avec comité de lecture (ART_NAT)

    • [9] R. Lonceint, F. Jaujard, C. Dumas, C. Lejus-Bourdeau. Les ressorts de l'adhésion à la simulation haute-fidélité en santé : de la ressemblance du mannequin au réalisme de la simulation. In REVSIMS, num. 5. 12-2023

Conférences internationales avec comité de lecture et actes (COMM_INT)

    • [10] V. Daneshpajooh, C. Dumas, D. Ahmad, J. Toth, R. Bascom, W. Higgins. Vascular pattern recognition for narrow-band imaging bronchoscopy. In SPIE Medical Imaging, février 2023, San Diego, états-Unis.
    • [11] D. Deuff, I. Ocnarescu, I. Milleville, G. Venture. Yōkobo, retour d'expérimentation. In Drôles d'objets 2023, mai 2023, Nancy, France.
    • [12] L. Louis, I. Milleville-Pennel, S. Moussaoui, V. Roualdes, A. van Langhenhove, S. Ravoux. Subjective mental workload modeling in tests involving different cognitive functions. In 22nd conference of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology, mai 2023, Lille, France.
    • [13] A. Allemang--Trivalle, J. Donjat, G. Bechu, G. Coppin, O. Klaproth, A. Mitschke, A. Schirrmann, M. Chollet, C. Cao. Human Model For Industrial System And Product Design In Industry 5.0: A Case Study. In IISE Annual Conference & Expo 2023, mai 2023, New Orleans, états-Unis.
    • [14] J. Rivière, F. Jacob, A. Girard. Patient Experience to Understand the (Missed) Digitalization of Public Health Service. In AIM- Congrès 2023, mai 2023, Dijon, France.
    • [15] V. Duvivier, M. Perreira da Silva, Y. Prié. AI-Human Collaboration for in Situ Interactive Exploration of Behaviours From Immersive Environment. In IMX '23: ACM International Conference on Interactive Media Experiences, juin 2023, Nantes France, France.
    • [16] I. Milleville-Pennel. Réalité virtuelle et présence : Quels impacts pour l’utilisateur ?. In EPIQUE, juillet 2023, Paris, France.
    • [17] D. Deuff, I. Ocnarescu, I. Milleville, P. Osorio Marin, G. Venture. Yōkobo - A behavioural object to strengthen human-human relationships. In 32nd IEEE International Conference on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (IEEE RO-MAN 2023), août 2023, Séoul (Corée), Corée du Sud.
    • [18] C. Kessassi, M. Chollet, C. Dumas, C. Cao. Social Presence Mediates Audience Behavior Effects on Social Stress in Virtual Public Speaking. In Affective Computing + Intelligent Interaction (ACII) 2023, septembre 2023, MIT Cambridge, Massachusetts, états-Unis.
    • [19] J. Petiot, M. Roatta, V. Fréour, K. Arimoto. CONTRIBUTION OF MACHINE LEARNING AND PHYSICS-BASED SOUND SIMULATIONS FOR THE CHARACTERIZATION OF BRASS INSTRUMENTS. In Forum Acusticum 2023, septembre 2023, Torino, Italie.
    • [20] A. Barkar, M. Chollet, B. Biancardi, C. Clavel. Insights Into the Importance of Linguistic Textual Features on the Persuasiveness of Public Speaking. In 25th International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (iCMI 2023), octobre 2023, Paris, France.
    • [21] P. Marti, C. Charron, D. Schnebelen, C. Jallais, A. Guillaume, F. Mars. Evolution of mind wandering while driving with different levels of vehicle automation. In 7th International Symposium on Future Active Safety Technology toward zero traffic accidents (FAST-zero’23), novembre 2023, Kanazawa, Japon.

Ouvrages - Chapitres d‘ouvrages et directions d‘ouvrages (OUV)

    • [22] M. Dragée, A. Berkesse, A. Nyadanu, A. Duclos, S. Garnier, P. Plusquellec, N. Thalmann. Stratégie de conception d'expérience patient. 05-2023
    • [23] M. Dragée, A. Duarte, L. Catalano, L. Perera, S. l'Hoste, G. Gronier, D. Gruson, M. Catoir-Brisson. Stratégie de conception d'expérience patient. 05-2023

Theses et HDR (THESE)

Autres publications (AUTRES)

    • [25] C. Kessassi, M. Chollet, C. Dumas, C. Cao. Virtually Stressed: Interaction Between Display System and Virtual Agent Behaviour VR. In 7th International Conference on Human Computer Interaction Theory and Applications (HUCAPP 2023), février 2023, Lisbon, Portugal.
    • [26] D. Deuff, I. Milleville-Pennel, I. Ocnarescu, G. Venture. Fenêtres empathiques. Une nouvelle approche des données du terrain.. In ModACT – Modélisation de l’Activité, mai 2023, Paris, France.
    • [27] A. Léchappé, A. Milliat, C. Fleury, M. Chollet, C. Dumas. Characterization of collaboration in a virtual environment with gaze and speech signals. In ICMI '23: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MULTIMODAL INTERACTION, octobre 2023, Paris France, France.
    • [28] L. Louis, S. Moussaoui, S. Ravoux, A. van Langhenhove, V. Roualdes, I. Milleville-Pennel. Inter-tasks transferability of a subjective cognitive load classification model. In Psychonomic Society's 64th Annual Meeting, novembre 2023, San Francisco, California, états-Unis.
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