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Les réunions de l’équipe COMBI

06/06/2018David KerbratExtraction de relations entre espèces
09/04/2018Pas d'orateur
20/02/2018Giordano NilsMicrobial growth control in changing environments: Theoretical and experimental study of resource allocation in Escherichia coli
23/01/2018Fertin GuillaumeMatching Algorithms for Assigning Orthologs after Genome Duplication Events
14/12/2017Elloumi MouradSupervised PhD thesis in bioinformatics
29/11/2017Delage ErwanInvFBA : A la recherche des objectifs du système microbien
14/11/2017Réunion avec la direction du LS2N
16/10/2017Meistermann DimitriThe first lineage specifications of human development
06/10/2017Razzaq MisbahComputational discovery of Dynamic. Cell Specific Boolean Networks in Multiplex Time-Course Data

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