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Publications  for  the  collection  HAL LS2N-AELOS  for  2015

Total of the publications found : 11

Overview of LS2N-AELOS publications by types

International journals with reviewing committee (ART_INT)

    • [1] S. Boukhedouma, M. Oussalah, Z. Alimazighi, D. Tamzalit. A pattern-based approach for workflow interconnection and flexibility support.. In International Journal of Business Information Systems ; éd. Inderscience, 2015, vol. 19, num. 3.

International conferences with reviewing committee (COMM_INT)

    • [2] A. Djeddar, H. Bendjenna, A. Amirat, M. Oussalah. New approach for smart composition of mobile applications,. In CompSIC Conference Program : Symposium on Complex Systems and Intelligent Computing (CompSIC), 2015, Souk Ahras, Algérie.
    • [3] A. Saadi, M. Oussalah, A. Henni, D. Bennouar. A Generic Model for Managing Software Architectures Reconfiguration,. In 30th InternationalConference on Computers and Their Applications CATA-2015 ,, 2015, Honolulu,, états-Unis.
    • [4] A. Saadi, M. Oussalah, A. Henni, D. Bennouar. Handling the Dynamic Reconfiguration of Software Architectures using Intelligent Agents,. In International conference on Intelligent Information Processing, Security and Advanced Communication (IPAC'2015), published by ACM, 2015, Batna, Algérie.
    • [5] M. Gherari, A. Amirat, M. Oussalah. Towards a Mobile Cloud Context Aware middelware. In , CompSIC Conference Program : Symposium on Complex Systems and Intelligent Computing (CompSIC), 2015, souk ahras, Algérie.
    • [6] M. Smatti, M. Oussalah, A. Mohamed. Supporting Deviations on Software Processes: A Literature Overview. In the 10th International Joint Conference on Software Technologies,, 2015, Colmar, France.
    • [7] M. Smatti, M. Oussalah, M. Ahmed-Nacer. A Review of Detecting and Correcting Deviations on Software Processes. In ICSOFT-EA, the 10th International Joint Conference on Software Technologies, 2015, Colmar, France.
    • [8] B. Delahaye. Consistency for Parametric Interval Markov Chains. In 2nd International Workshop on Synthesis of Complex Parameters, avril 2015, London, Royaume-Uni.
    • [9] P. Andre, J. Pepin, C. Attiogbé, E. Breton. A Method for Business-IT Alignment of Legacy Systems. In 17th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems, avril 2015, Barcelona, France.
    • [10] F. Dhaou, I. Mouakher, C. Attiogbé, K. Bsaïes. Extending Causal Semantics of UML2.0 Sequence Diagram for Distributed Systems. In 10th International Conference on Software Engineering and Applications, juillet 2015, Colmar, France.
    • [11] C. Attiogbé. Deriving Event-B Models from Mealy Machines: Application to an Auction System. In Model and Data Engineering - 5th International Conference, (MEDI'2015), septembre 2015, Rhodes, Grèce.
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