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Total of the publications found : 23

Overview of LS2N-AELOS publications by types

International journals with reviewing committee (ART_INT)

    • [1] A. Saadi, M. Oussalah, A. Henni. An Approach for Managing the Dynamic Reconfiguration of Software Architectures. In International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering ; éd. Inderscience, 2018, vol. 17, num. 2.
    • [2] M. Gherari, A. Amirat, M. Oussalah, L. Ridda. MC-Sim: a mobile cloud simulation toolkit based on CloudSim. In International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology ; éd. Inderscience, 2018.
    • [3] A. Hassan, M. Oussalah. Evolution Styles: Multi-View/Multi-Level Model for Software Architecture Evolution,. In JSW - Journal of Software ; éd. Published by International Academy Publishing, 2018, vol. vol. 13, no. 3, pp. 146-154, 2018..
    • [4] J. Fiadeiro, A. Lopes, B. Delahaye, A. Legay. Dynamic networks of heterogeneous timed machines. In Mathematical Structures in Computer Science ; éd. Cambridge University Press (CUP), 2018, vol. 28, num. 06.
    • [5] A. Bart, B. Delahaye, P. Fournier, D. Lime, E. Monfroy, C. Truchet. Reachability in parametric Interval Markov Chains using constraints. In Theoretical Computer Science ; éd. Elsevier, 2018, vol. 747.

International conferences with reviewing committee (COMM_INT)

    • [6] D. Sferruzza, J. Rocheteau, C. Attiogbe, A. Lanoix. A Model-Driven Method for Fast Building Consistent Web Services from OpenAPI-Compatible Models. In Model-Driven Engineering and Software Development - 6th International Conference, (MODELSWARD) 2018 - revised selected papers, janvier 2018, Funchal, Portugal.
    • [8] P. Andre, J. Pepin, C. Attiogbé, E. Breton. Virtual Extension of Meta-models with Facet Tools. In 6th International Conference on Model-Driven Engineering and Software Development, janvier 2018, Funchal, Portugal.
    • [9] A. Hassan, M. Oussalah. Evolution Styles: Multi-View/Multi-Level Model for Software Architecture Evolution. In 7th ACM International Conference on Software and Computer Applications, février 2018, Kuantan, Malaisie.
    • [10] F. Dhaou, I. Mouakher, J. Attiogbe, K. Bsaïes. Guard Evaluation and Synchronization Issues in Causal Semantics for UML2.X Sequence Diagrams. In 13th International Conference on Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering, mars 2018, Funchal, Portugal.
    • [11] G. Noureddine, A. Amirat, M. Oussalah, H. Seridji. Developing a Conceptual Framework for Software Evolution Methods via Architectural Metrics. In 6th IFIP International Conference on Computer Intelligence and Its Applications,Springer-Verlag, mai 2018, oran, Algérie.
    • [12] D. Sferruzza, J. Rocheteau, C. Attiogbé, A. Lanoix. A Model-Driven Method for Fast Building Consistent Web Services in Practice. In 17ièmes journées AFADL Approches Formelles dans l'Assistance au Développement de Logiciels, juin 2018, Grenoble, France.
    • [13] D. Sferruzza. Top-Down Model-Driven Engineering of Web Services from Extended OpenAPI Models. In the 33rd ACM/IEEE International Conference on Automated Software Engineering, septembre 2018, Montpellier, France.
    • [14] D. Sferruzza, J. Rocheteau, C. Attiogbé, A. Lanoix. Extending OpenAPI 3.0 to Build Web Services from their Specification. In International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies, septembre 2018, Seville, Espagne.
    • [15] C. Attiogbé. Building Correct SDN Components from a Global Event-B Formal Model. In Formal Aspects of Component Software, octobre 2018, Pohang, Corée du Sud.
    • [16] P. Andre, C. Attiogbé, A. Lanoix. Systematic Construction of Critical Embedded Systems Using Event-B. In New Trends in Model and Data Engineering - MEDI 2018 Workshops: DETECT, MEDI4SG, IWCFS, REMEDY, octobre 2018, Marrakesh, Maroc.
    • [17] S. Aouadi, A. Lanoix. Reliability in Fully Probabilistic Event-B: How to Bound the Enabling of Events. In New Trends in Model and Data Engineering - MEDI 2018 Workshops: DETECT, MEDI4SG, IWCFS, REMEDY, octobre 2018, Marrakesh, Maroc.
    • [18] A. Saadi, M. Oussalah, Y. Hamal, A. Henni. An approach for the dynamic reconfiguration of software architecture. In IEEE International Conference on Applied Smart Systems, novembre 2018, Medea, Maroc.
    • [19] M. El Amin Tebib, P. Andre, O. Cardin. A Model Driven Approach for Automated Generation of Service-Oriented Holonic Manufacturing Systems. In SOHOMA 2018 - International Workshop on Service Orientation in Holonic and Multi-Agent Manufacturing, juin 2018, Bergamo, Italie.In Theodor Borangiu, Damien Trentesaux, André Thomas, Sergio Cavalieri (éds.), . Springer, 2018.

National conferences with reviewing committee (COMM_NAT)

    • [20] J. Pepin, P. Andre, C. Attiogbé, E. Breton. Alignement des points de vue du système d'information Une approche pragmatique. In Actes du XXXVIème Congrès INFORSID, mai 2018, Nantes, France.

Books - books sections - directions of work or proceedings (OUV)

    • [21] F. Dhaou, I. Mouakher, K. Bsaïes, C. Attiogbé. An Operational Semantics of UML2.X Sequence Diagrams for Distributed Systems. In Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering. 12th International Conference, ENASE 2017, Porto, Portugal, April 28–29, 2017, Revised Selected Papers. 01-07-2018

PhD Thesis (THESE)

    • [22] D. Sferruzza. Plateforme extensible de modélisation et de construction d'applications web correctes et évolutives, avec hypothèse de variabilité. Thèses : Université de Nantes.
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