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TASC - Theory, Algorithms and Constraint Systems

Team leader : Samir LOUDNI   :
Area(s) of expertise :

The TASC team was formed in 2006 from the merger of the Nantes Mines Constraints team founded by P. Boizumault and part of the Continuous Constraints and Applications team of the University of Nantes. This new version of the TASC team takes into account the departure of G. Chabert with the creation of the OGRE team taking into account ongoing aspects. TASC is a joint project team with Inria. Thierry Petit, working at Worcester Polytechnique and Benoït Rottembourg of Eurodécision will be privileged external collaborators of the team.

The team's scientific project is part of the SDS pole and follows on from the previous five-year period, but with the following two changes :

  • The rise of constraints and learning aspects. This area has been identified by two Dagsthul seminars, namely "Constraint Programming meets Machine Learning and Data Mining" and "Constraints, Optimisation and Data". It should be noted that this theme is also mentioned in the very recent "position papers" on developments in the field of constraints.
  • To address the variety of business constraints, code synthesis aspects will be developed to generate services for ad hoc constraints.

Because of their ability to accurately model the restrictions of a problem, explain the results and express qualitative reasoning, constraints are widely used to support decision-making in areas such as climate crisis management or energy.

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