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Publication  de  la  collection  HAL LS2N-ROMAS  pour  2017

Nombre de publications retournées : 42

Récapitulatif du nombre de publications de la collection par types

Revues internationales avec comité de lecture (ART_INT)

    • [1] E. Maleki, F. Belkadi, M. Ritou, A. Bernard. A Tailored Ontology Supporting Sensor Implementation for the Maintenance of Industrial Machines. In Sensors ; éd. MDPI, 2017, vol. 17, num. 9.
    • [2] M. Farzaneh Kaloorazi, M. Tale Masouleh, S. Caro. Collision-free workspace of parallel mechanisms based on an interval analysis approach. In Robotica ; éd. Cambridge University Press, 2017, vol. 35, num. 8.
    • [3] S. Amine, O. Mokhiamar, S. Caro. Classification of 3T1R Parallel Manipulators Based on Their Wrench Graph. In Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics ; éd. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2017, vol. 9, num. 1.
    • [4] S. Baklouti, E. Courteille, S. Caro, M. Dkhil. Dynamic and Oscillatory Motions of Cable-Driven Parallel Robots Based on a Nonlinear Cable Tension Model. In Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics ; éd. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2017, vol. 9, num. 6.
    • [5] S. Briot, S. Caro, C. Germain. Design Procedure for a Fast and Accurate Parallel Manipulator. In Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics ; éd. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2017, vol. 9, num. 6.
    • [6] P. Robet, M. Gautier. Global Identification of Mechanical and Electrical Parameters of Asynchronous Motor Driven Joint with a Fast CLOE Method. In taylor and francis group. 17-02-2017
    • [7] C. Rabréau, D. Noel, S. Loch, M. Ritou, B. Furet. Phenomenological model of preloaded spindle behavior at high speed. In International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology ; éd. Springer Verlag, 2017, vol. 90, num. 9-12.
    • [8] V. Arakelian. Inertia forces and moments balancing in robot manipulators: a review. In Advanced Robotics ; éd. Taylor & Francis, 2017, vol. 31, num. 14.
    • [9] J. Gao, A. Pashkevich, S. Caro. Optimization of the robot and positioner motion in a redundant fiber placement workcell. In Mechanism and Machine Theory ; éd. Elsevier, 2017, vol. 114.
    • [10] A. Klimchik, A. Ambiehl, S. Garnier, B. Furet, A. Pashkevich. Efficiency evaluation of robots in machining applications using industrial performance measure. In Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing ; éd. Elsevier, 2017, vol. 48.

Revues nationales avec comité de lecture (ART_NAT)

    • [11] Y. Sellami, H. Imine, A. Boubezoul, J. Cadiou. Rollover risk prediction of heavy vehicles by reliability index and empirical modelling. In Vehicle System Dynamics ; éd. Taylor & Francis, 2017.

Conférences internationales avec comité de lecture et actes (COMM_INT)

    • [12] J. Cadiou, E. Chené. Strengthening partnerships between universities and SMEs within the open innovation framework. In First International Conference, InterSol 2017 and Sixth Collogue National sur la Recherche en Informatique et ses Applications, CNRIA 2017, avril 2017, Dakar, Sénégal.
    • [13] A. Nayak, S. Caro, P. Wenger. Local and Full-cycle Mobility Analysis of a 3-RPS-3-SPR Series-Parallel Manipulator. In 7th IFToMM International Workshop on Computational Kinematics~(CK2017), mai 2017, Poitiers, France.
    • [14] G. Wu, S. Bai, S. Caro. Transmission Quality Evaluation for a Class of Four-limb Parallel Schönflies-motion Generators with Articulated Platforms. In The 7th IFToMM International Workshop on Computational Kinematics~(CK2017), mai 2017, Poitiers, France.
    • [15] J. Gao, A. Pashkevich, S. Caro. Optimal Trajectories Generation in Robotic Fiber Placement Systems. In The 4th International Conference on Manufacturing and Industrial Technologies, mai 2017, Lisbon, Portugal.
    • [17] C. Rabréau, M. Ritou, S. Le Loch, B. Furet. Investigation of the Evolution of Modal Behavior of HSM Spindle at High Speed. In 16th CIRP Conference on Modelling of Machining Operations, juin 2017, Cluny, France.
    • [18] A. Klimchik, A. Pashkevich, S. Caro, B. Furet. Calibration of Industrial Robots with Pneumatic Gravity Compensators. In 2017 IEEE International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics (AIM), juillet 2017, Munich, Allemagne.
    • [19] S. Devie, P. Robet, Y. Aoustin, M. Gautier, A. Jubien. Optimized force and co-manipulation control using stiffness of force sensor with unknown environment. In 2017 11th International Workshop on Robot Motion and Control (RoMoCo), juillet 2017, Wasowo Palace, France.
    • [20] P. Poullain, B. Furet, S. Garnier. Batiprint3D and Yhnova : Open Innovation projects in the context of large scale. In ACE Workshop 2017, Annual Civil Engeering Workshop,, juillet 2017, Lille, France.
    • [21] S. Devie, P. Robet, Y. Aoustin, M. Gautier, A. Jubien, B. Furet. Accurate force control and co-manipulation control using hybrid external command. In International Federation of Automatic Control, juillet 2017, Toulouse, France.
    • [22] A. Martin, S. Caro, P. Cardou. Geometric Determination of the Cable-Cylinder Interference Regions in the Workspace of a Cable-Driven Parallel Robot. In The Third International Conference on Cable-Driven Parallel Robots (CableCon 2017), août 2017, Québec, Canada.
    • [23] S. Baklouti, S. Caro, E. Courteille. Sensitivity analysis of the elasto-geometrical model of cable-driven parallel robots. In 3rd International Conference on Cable-Driven Parallel Robots, CableCon 2017, août 2017, Quebec City, Canada.
    • [24] S. Lessanibahri, M. Gouttefarde, S. Caro, P. Cardou. Twist Feasibility Analysis of Cable-Driven Parallel Robots. In 3rd International Conference on Cable-Driven Parallel Robots, août 2017, Québec, Canada.
    • [25] T. Rasheed, P. Long, D. Marquez-Gamez, S. Caro. Tension Distribution Algorithm for Planar Mobile Cable-Driven Parallel Robots. In The Third International Conference on Cable-Driven Parallel Robots (CableCon 2017), août 2017, Québec, Canada.
    • [26] A. Nayak, H. Li, G. Hao, S. Caro. A Reconfigurable Compliant Four-Bar Mechanism with Multiple Operation Modes. In ASME 2017 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences & Computers and Information in Engineering Conference (IDETC/CIE 2017), août 2017, Cleveland, états-Unis.
    • [27] V. Arakelian, J. Geng, J. Le Baron. Synthesis of balanced 3-RRR planar parallel manipulators. In The 19th International Conference on Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing, septembre 2017, pp. 37-43, Prague, République tchèque.
    • [28] V. Arakelian, Z. Yang, J. Le Baron. Design concepts and functional particularities of wearable walking assist devices and power-assist suits - a review. In The 58th International Conference of Machine Design Departmants (ICDM'2017), septembre 2017, pp. 436-441, Prague, République tchèque.
    • [29] A. Ambiehl, S. Garnier, K. Subrin, B. Furet. New method for decoupling the articular stiffness identification: Application to an industrial robot with double encoding system on its 3 first axis. In IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, septembre 2017, Vancouver, Canada.
    • [30] P. Elodie, B. Furet, S. Garnier, K. Subrin, A. Bernard. Additive manufacturing of foam for molds and large components in naval sector. In FAST 2017 - 14th Conference on fast sea transportation & innovative materials for maritime, septembre 2017, Nantes, France.
    • [31] D. Shah, J. Gao, A. Pashkevich, S. Caro, B. Courtemanche. Computer-Aided Design and Optimization of a Redundant Robotic System for Automated Fiber Placement Process. In The 3rd International Conference on Mechanical Engineering (ICOME 2017), octobre 2017, Surabaya, Indonésie.

Brevets (BRE)

    • [33] B. Furet, S. Garnier, N. Leklou, P. Elodie, P. Poullain. Procede pour la Construction d'un Mur de Bâtiment par Fabrication Additive. N° brevet : FR3050744A1; FR3050744B1; WO2017191404A1.

Ouvrages - Chapitres d‘ouvrages et directions d‘ouvrages (OUV)

    • [35] A. Klimchik, A. Ambiehl, S. Garnier, B. Furet, A. Pashkevich. Comparison Study of Industrial Robots for High-Speed Machining. In Zhang D., Wei B. (eds) Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering for Advanced and Intelligent Manufacturing. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering. Springer, Cham. 2017
    • [36] A. Nayak, L. Nurahmi, P. Wenger, S. Caro. Comparison of 3-RPS and 3-SPR Parallel Manipulators based on their Maximum Inscribed Singularity-free Circle. In New Trends in Mechanism and Machine Science Theory and Industrial Applications. 01-01-2017
    • [37] E. Paquet, S. Garnier, M. Ritou, B. Furet, V. Desfontaines. Implementation of a new method for robotic repair operations on composite structures. In Advances on Mechanics, Design Engineering and Manufacturing. 01-01-2017
    • [38] Y. Zhang, V. Arakelian, J. Le Baron. Design of a Legged Walking Robot with Adjustable Parameters. In In: Beran J., Bílek M., Žabka P. (eds) Advances in Mechanism Design II. Mechanisms and Machine Science, vol 44. Springer. 03-08-2017
    • [39] J. Xu, J. Le Baron, V. Arakelian. Tolerance Analysis of Planar Serial Manipulators with Decoupled and Non-decoupled Dynamics. In In: Wenger P., Flores P. (eds) New Trends in Mechanism and Machine Science. Mechanisms and Machine Science, vol 43. Springer. 07-08-2017

Theses et HDR (THESE)

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