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Revues internationales avec comité de lecture (ART_INT)

    • [1] B. Pano, P. Chevrel, F. Claveau, C. Sentouh, F. Mars. Obstacle avoidance in highly automated cars: can progressive haptic shared control make it safer and smoother?. In IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems ; éd. IEEE, 2022, vol. 52, num. 4.
    • [2] E. Scharbarg, J. Greck, E. Le Carpentier, L. Chaillous, C. Moog. A metamodel-based flexible insulin therapy for type 1 diabetes patients subjected to aerobic physical activity. In Scientific Reports ; éd. Nature Publishing Group, 2022.
    • [3] H. Takhi, L. Moysis, N. Machkour, C. Volos, K. Kemih, M. Ghanes. Predictive control and synchronization of uncertain perturbed chaotic permanent-magnet synchronous generator and its microcontroller implementation. In The European Physical Journal. Special Topics ; éd. EDP Sciences, 2022.
    • [4] M. Ghanes, J. Moreno, J. Barbot. Arbitrary Order Differentiator with Varying Homogeneity Degree. In Automatica ; éd. Elsevier, 2022.
    • [5] P. Blaud, P. Chevrel, F. Claveau, P. Haurant, A. Mouraud. ResNet and PolyNet based identification and (MPC) control of dynamical systems: a promising way. In IEEE Access ; éd. IEEE, 2022, vol. 2022.
    • [6] H. Al Attar, M. Hamida, M. Ghanes, M. Taleb. LLC DC-DC Converter Performances Improvement for Bidirectional Electric Vehicle Charger Application. In World Electric Vehicle Journal ; éd. MDPI, 2022, vol. 13, num. 1.
    • [7] H. Al Attar, M. Hamida, M. Ghanes, M. Taleb. LLC DC-DC Converter Performances Improvement for Bidirectional Electric Vehicle Charger Application. In World Electric Vehicle Journal ; éd. MDPI, 2022, vol. 13, num. 1.
    • [9] J. Lohéac, C. Boultifat, P. Chevrel, M. Yagoubi. Exact noise cancellation for 1D-acoustic propagation systems. In Mathematical Control and Related Fields ; éd. AIMS, 2022, vol. 12, num. 1.
    • [10] I. Haidar, E. Desmond-Le Quéméner, J. Barbot, J. Harmand, A. Rapaport. Modelling and optimal control of an electro-fermentation process within a batch culture. In Processes ; éd. MDPI, 2022, vol. 10, num. 3.
    • [11] Y. Deng, V. Léchappé, E. Moulay, Z. Chen, B. Liang, F. Plestan, Q. Han. Predictor-based control of time-delay systems: a survey. In International Journal of Systems Science ; éd. Taylor & Francis, 2022, vol. 53, num. 12.
    • [13] C. Yang, I. Taralova, S. El Assad, J. Loiseau. Image encryption based on fractional chaotic pseudo-random number generator and DNA encryption method. In Nonlinear Dynamics ; éd. Springer Verlag, 2022.
    • [14] E. Alvaro-Mendoza, J. De-Leon Morales, M. Hamida, M. Ghanes. Angular position estimation error extraction for speed and angular position estimation of IPMSM using a parameter-free adaptive observer. In Journal of The Franklin Institute ; éd. Elsevier, 2022.
    • [15] G. Dupre, P. Chevrel, M. Yagoubi, A. Grossetete. Design and Comparison of Two Advanced Core Control Systems for Flexible Operation of Pressurized Water Reactors. In Control Engineering Practice ; éd. Elsevier, 2022, vol. 123.
    • [16] M. Hamida, R. El-Sehiemy, A. Ginidi, E. Elattar, A. Shaheen. Parameter identification and state of charge estimation of Li-Ion batteries used in electric vehicles using artificial hummingbird optimizer. In Journal of Energy Storage ; éd. Elsevier, 2022, vol. 51.

Conférences internationales avec comité de lecture et actes (COMM_INT)

    • [17] R. Chaibi, R. El Bachtiri, K. El Hammoumi, M. Yagoubi. Photovoltaic System's MPPT Under Partial Shading Using T-S Fuzzy Robust Control. In ALCOS 2022: 14th IFAC International Workshop on Adaptive and Learning Control Systems, juin 2022, Casablanca, Maroc.
    • [18] R. Legrand, F. Claveau, P. Chevrel, B. Rancinangue, A. Dollet. Multivariable lateral control of an off-road vehicle operating on sloping grounds. In EUCA European Control Conference, juillet 2022, London, Royaume-Uni.
    • [19] M. Yagoubi, R. El Bachtiri, R. Chaibi. Maximum Power Point Tracking of a Photovoltaic System Using State Feedback Gain Fuzzy Control. In CAO 2022, juillet 2022, Paris, France.
    • [20] P. Clément Blaud, P. Chevrel, F. Claveau, P. Haurant, A. Mouraud. Four MPC implementations compared on the Quadruple Tank Process Benchmark: pros and cons of neural MPC. In 18th IFAC Workshop on Control Applications of Optimization, juillet 2022, Gif-Sur-Yvette, France.
    • [21] R. Legrand, F. Claveau, P. Chevrel, B. Rancinangue, A. Dollet. H2/Hinf robust lateral control of an off-road two-steering-axle vehicle on slippery sloping. In IFAC Symposium on Robust Control Design (ROCOND), août 2022, Kyoto, Japon.
    • [22] P. Hamon, L. Michel, F. Plestan, D. Chablat. Control of a gripper finger actuated by a pneumatic muscle: new schemes based on a model-free approach. In IFAC Symposium on Mechatronic Systems, septembre 2022, Los Angeles, états-Unis.
    • [23] H. Bin Anuar, F. Plestan, A. Chriette, O. Kermorgant. Super-Twisting Sliding Mode Control with Adaptive Gain of Quadrotor with Rigid Manipulator. In 16th International Workshop on Variable Structure Systems, septembre 2022, Rio de Janeiro, Brésil.
    • [24] L. Michel, M. Ghanes, Y. Aoustin, J. Barbot. A Third order Semi-Implicit Homogeneous differentiator: Experimental Results. In International Workshop on Variable Structure Systems and Sliding Mode Control, septembre 2022, Rio de Janeiro, Brésil.

Conférences nationales avec comité de lecture et actes (COMM_NAT)

    • [25] L. Michel, M. Métillon, S. Caro, M. Ghanes, F. Plestan, J. Barbot, Y. Aoustin. Experimental validation of two semi-implicit homogeneous discretized differentiators on the CRAFT cable-driven parallel robot. In CFM2022, Congrès Français de Mécanique, août 2022, Nantes, France.

Theses et HDR (THESE)

Autres publications (AUTRES)

    • [27] M. Rasool Mojallizadeh, B. Brogliato, A. Polyakov, S. Selvarajan, L. Michel, F. Plestan, M. Ghanes, J. Barbot, Y. Aoustin. Discrete-time differentiators in closed-loop control systems: experiments on electro-pneumatic system and rotary inverted pendulum. Rapport technique, 2022 ; INRIA Grenoble.
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