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Publication  de  la  collection  HAL LS2N-ARMEN  pour  2021

Nombre de publications retournées : 21

Récapitulatif du nombre de publications de la collection par types

Revues internationales avec comité de lecture (ART_INT)

    • [1] K. Masood, D. Morales, V. Fremont, M. Zoppi, R. Molfino. Parking Pose Generation for Autonomous Freight Collection by Pallet Handling Car-like Robot. In Energies ; éd. MDPI, 2021, vol. 14, num. 15.
    • [2] K. Masood, M. Zoppi, V. Frémont, R. Molfino. From Drive-By-Wire to Autonomous Vehicle: Urban Freight Vehicle Perspectives. In Sustainability ; éd. MDPI, 2021, vol. 13, num. 3.
    • [3] B. Pascual-Escudero, A. Nayak, S. Briot, O. Kermorgant, P. Martinet, M. Safey El Din, F. Chaumette. Complete Singularity Analysis for the Perspective-Four-Point Problem. In International Journal of Computer Vision ; éd. Springer Verlag, 2021, vol. 129, num. 4.
    • [4] M. Dao, V. Frémont. A Two-Stage Data Association Approach for 3D Multi-Object Tracking. In Sensors ; éd. MDPI, 2021, vol. 21, num. 9.
    • [5] E. Idá, S. Briot, M. Carricato. Natural Oscillations of Underactuated Cable-Driven Parallel Robots. In IEEE Access ; éd. IEEE, 2021, vol. 9.
    • [6] D. Koung, O. Kermorgant, I. Fantoni, L. Belouaer. Cooperative multi-robot object transportation system based on hierarchical quadratic programming. In IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters ; éd. IEEE, 2021, vol. 6, num. 4.
    • [7] N. Cambier, D. Albani, V. Frémont, V. Trianni, E. Ferrante. Cultural evolution of probabilistic aggregation in synthetic swarms. In Applied Soft Computing ; éd. Elsevier, 2021.
    • [8] R. Dubois, A. Eudes, V. Frémont. Sharing visual-inertial data for collaborative decentralized simultaneous localization and mapping. In Robotics and Autonomous Systems ; éd. Elsevier, 2021, vol. 148.
    • [9] D. Six, S. Briot, A. Chriette, P. Martinet. Dynamic Modelling and Control of Flying Parallel Robots. In Control Engineering Practice ; éd. Elsevier, 2021, vol. 117.
    • [10] R. Theodose, D. Denis, T. Chateau, V. Frémont, P. Checchin. A Deep Learning Approach for LiDAR Resolution-Agnostic Object Detection. In IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems ; éd. IEEE, 2021.

Conférences internationales avec comité de lecture et actes (COMM_INT)

    • [11] J. Erskine, R. Balderas-Hill, I. Fantoni, A. Chriette. Model Predictive Control for Dynamic Quadrotor Bearing Formations. In IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, mai 2021, Xi'an (virtual), Chine.
    • [12] S. Chen, V. Frémont. A Loosely Coupled Vision-LiDAR Odometry using Covariance Intersection Filtering. In 2021 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV), juillet 2021, Nagoya, Japon.
    • [13] D. Perez-Morales, V. Frémont. Information-Theoretic Sensor-Based Predictive Control for Autonomous Vehicle Navigation: A Proof of Concept. In 2021 IEEE International Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference (ITSC), septembre 2021, Indianapolis, états-Unis.
    • [14] K. Masood, S. Anbarasan, M. Zoppi, V. Fremont, R. Molfino. A Qualitative Analysis to Develop Handover Strategies for Freight Handling Autonomous Vehicle. In 2021 IEEE International Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference (ITSC), septembre 2021, Indianapolis, états-Unis.
    • [15] S. Chen, H. Sun, V. Frémont. Mono-Vision based Moving Object Detection using Semantic-Guided RANSAC. In 2021 IEEE International Conference on Multisensor Fusion and Integration (MFI 2021), septembre 2021, Karlsruhe, Allemagne.
    • [16] S. Liu, J. Erskine, A. Chriette, I. Fantoni. Decentralized Control and Teleoperation of a Multi-UAV Parallel Robot Based on Intrinsic Measurements. In IEEE Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2021), septembre 2021, Prague, République tchèque.
    • [17] P. .S.A, C. da Cunha, F. Belkadi, A. Chriette. A Requirement Engineering Framework for Smart Cyber-Physical Production System. In Towards Sustainable Customization: Bridging Smart Products and Manufacturing Systems, novembre 2021, Aalborg, Danemark.
    • [18] H. Anuar, F. Plestan, A. Chriette, O. Kermorgant. Sliding Mode Control with Adaptive Gain of Quadrotor with Rigid Manipulator. In International Conference on Advanced Robotics, décembre 2021, Ljubljana, Slovénie.

Theses et HDR (THESE)

    • [19] R. Dubois. Méthodes de partage d'informations visuelles et inertielles pour la localisation et la cartographie simultanées décentralisées multi-robots. Thèses : École centrale de Nantes.
    • [20] Z. Li. Theoretical developments and experimental evaluation of a novel collaborative multi-drones grasping and manipulation system of large objects.. Thèses : École centrale de Nantes.
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